Funding and support in Auckland for a child with a disability 

This post is aimed at those newly diagnosed in Auckland specifically. Rules can vary in different parts of NZ and also if your child has different disabilities. There is a whole confusing range of support you can call upon that will not necessarily be pointed out to you upon diagnosis.  EDUCATION Early Intervention Parents canContinue reading “Funding and support in Auckland for a child with a disability “

What does Isla’s future look like?

I get asked many times what the future holds for Isla and what her capabilities will be. I don’t know the answer. With these newly diagnosed chromosome disorders nobody really knows what the long term prognosis is. The eldest member in our support group is in her 30s but I can’t look at her andContinue reading “What does Isla’s future look like?”

Inclusion is more than a word

I have seen a few people posting the following on their Facebook timelines. I am encouraged, with April being Autism Awareness month, that people are helping raise awareness and speak up for our kiddies with autism. In the light of recent events on the exclusion of an autistic child from participating in a school tripContinue reading “Inclusion is more than a word”

Special Needs Activities

After trying gymnastics, swimming lessons and various other preschool “mainstream” activities, Isla (and I) found it too hard to keep up with kids her age. Our last attempt with gymnastics unfortunately only highlighted Isla’s struggles with her brain/body connections and motor skills, making something that was meant to be fun, incredibly frustrating for her. ThisContinue reading “Special Needs Activities”