Horse Riding Therapy

Written for Firefly Friends I soon realised in this unexpected world of special needs, activities I had enjoyed with Isla’s older sisters were now off limits. Dancing, gymnastics, athletics and cheerleading were the ones I had previously known like the back of my hand. They were the same ones that I now knew Isla couldn’tContinue reading “Horse Riding Therapy”

10 Game Changers for Development

Our daughter Isla has a rare chromosome disorder 2q23.1 Microdeletion Syndrome (aka MAND). This causes autism, development delay and epilepsy. We are in such a good place now with Isla. Ten years old seems to be the magic age where everything has come together for us. No she hasn’t just become neurotypical all of aContinue reading “10 Game Changers for Development”

School & Beyond

Written for Firefly Friends Our eldest daughter has just finished school. She is neurotypical and has a bright, exciting future in front of her. She is fortunate to be able to attend University this year. She will make new friends and have new experiences. She is responsible, mature and independent. Although we don’t know whatContinue reading “School & Beyond”

Turning 10!

On New Years Day Isla will be 10 years old! Double Digits! With Isla being in a mixed age class at school, age becomes a little irrelevant. The only time I realise her age doesn’t match with her development is when I go looking for clothing. It still catches me off guard when the cuteContinue reading “Turning 10!”

A day in the life of a Satellite Unit

Sommerville School Satellite Unit, Glendowie Primary What is a Satellite Unit? A special needs satellite unit (consisting of 1 or more classes) is run by a special needs school, but within the grounds of a mainstream school. The special needs school (the base school) caters for higher needs students and most children start there beforeContinue reading “A day in the life of a Satellite Unit”

Isla’s Special Carer Friends 

Isla’s life at home revolves around the iPad, computer and toys. In the morning she starts off on the iPad upon waking and after breakfast moves to playing with her trains which are a permanent fixture in our lounge. She will need to play with her toys before leaving for school even if it isContinue reading “Isla’s Special Carer Friends “

Sister with autism – my point of view by Imogen

When I was 7 years old I was told I was going to have a new brother or sister join our family. I still remember the day I first meet Isla at the hospital and holding her for the first time. I thought to myself how cool it was that I was a big sisterContinue reading “Sister with autism – my point of view by Imogen”

How to Dehusk Corn and other uses of Social Media 

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love that I can keep up with what my friends and family are doing when I don’t have time to catch up with them, I love seeing people’s photos of holidays and events that I haven’t experienced so I can live through them and itContinue reading “How to Dehusk Corn and other uses of Social Media “

Best friends make the world go round

Every morning when Isla arrives at school, her best friend Samantha’s face lights up and a big smile spreads over her face. They hug tightly and touch faces and Isla plants a kiss on Samantha’s cheek and says “hi Sammy”. Normally then the teacher says “that’s it girls”. “No more hugging for the day.” LeftContinue reading “Best friends make the world go round”