Reality check with the Educational Psychologist

Written for Firefly Friends We took Isla to an Educational Psychologist to try and get a better picture of where she is at. She has made so much progress in recent times. In particular her verbal language and comprehension have improved but I suspected large gaps remain. I hoped to get some ideas on how to tackle herContinue reading “Reality check with the Educational Psychologist”

A day in the life of a Satellite Unit

Sommerville School Satellite Unit, Glendowie Primary What is a Satellite Unit? A special needs satellite unit (consisting of 1 or more classes) is run by a special needs school, but within the grounds of a mainstream school. The special needs school (the base school) caters for higher needs students and most children start there beforeContinue reading “A day in the life of a Satellite Unit”

Mainstream School Vs Special School Satellite Class

The first day of school when Isla was on the field waiting to be taken to class with all the other eager 5 year olds I was a blubbering mess.  A well meaning mother came up to me and said “don’t worry it gets easier with every child”.  Little did she know for me itContinue reading “Mainstream School Vs Special School Satellite Class”