Mission…Ride a Bike!

Our 11 year old daughter Isla doesn’t have much stamina. She has to work much harder than most to coordinate those easy movements we do subconsciously. My husband and I are keen walkers and ideally would love Isla to be able to join us. However we are not able to cover any distance as she tiresContinue reading “Mission…Ride a Bike!”

Restrictions aren’t so Disruptive for Our Autism Family

Being Autism Awareness Month and also being amongst a Covid-19 Worldwide Crisis I can’t help think of some similarities between the situation we find ourselves in with the lockdown and social distancing.  It’s what most autism and special needs families are faced with every day. I am not downplaying the seriousness of the reality ofContinue reading “Restrictions aren’t so Disruptive for Our Autism Family”

Scheduling the holidays

Our daughter Isla was born with a rare chromosome disorder causing autism and epilepsy. Unlike most neurotypical children she cannot entertain herself for long. She can watch TV or any other screen all day if you’d let her but cannot self direct very well and often needs someone alongside. Left to her own devices thisContinue reading “Scheduling the holidays”

The Christmas Minefield

Christmas is such an exciting time for all children including those with special needs…..or is it? I realised a while ago that all special needs children are not alike. This was while attending a Christmas Party especially for “Special Children”.  The organisers had the best of intentions at heart trying to create a special dayContinue reading “The Christmas Minefield”

Why I’m doing dōTERRA

I have been on mummy duty for the past 18 years, and a “special needs” mummy for the past 10 years. I have been a milk bar, face and bottom wiper, teacher, cook, taxi driver, cleaner, ironer, lunch maker and lawn mower. I have also been a working mother and a renovation’s project manager. AContinue reading “Why I’m doing dōTERRA”

Getting ready for puberty

Written for Firefly Friends Although Isla’s sisters have completely different personalities there has been many similarities in their journey from babies to young adults. It started with a fairly predictable love of everything pink which progressed to purple and then light blue. They tried every activity under the sun and we watched many self choreographedContinue reading “Getting ready for puberty”

Reality check with the Educational Psychologist

Written for Firefly Friends We took Isla to an Educational Psychologist to try and get a better picture of where she is at. She has made so much progress in recent times. In particular her verbal language and comprehension have improved but I suspected large gaps remain. I hoped to get some ideas on how to tackle herContinue reading “Reality check with the Educational Psychologist”

Horse Riding Therapy

Written for Firefly Friends I soon realised in this unexpected world of special needs, activities I had enjoyed with Isla’s older sisters were now off limits. Dancing, gymnastics, athletics and cheerleading were the ones I had previously known like the back of my hand. They were the same ones that I now knew Isla couldn’tContinue reading “Horse Riding Therapy”

Special Needs is okay by me

Written For Firefly Friends I am a parent who identifies more with the term “special needs” than the more inclusive  “disability or disease”. Special seems like the perfect word to sum Isla up. As long as its not used in a derogatory way I have no problem with it. Personally I have always associated “disability” withContinue reading “Special Needs is okay by me”