Why I’m doing dōTERRA

I have been on mummy duty for the past 18 years, and a “special needs” mummy for the past 10 years.

I have been a milk bar, face and bottom wiper, teacher, cook, taxi driver, cleaner, ironer, lunch maker and lawn mower.

I have also been a working mother and a renovation’s project manager. A service dog owner and a special needs blogger, focussing on our lives raising a child with a disability.

I’ve been a business owner, a group fitness instructor, a body sculptor, a fitness enthusiast and motivator. I am also very busy with my part time massage clients. I also try to be a good wife!

So why in the world would I want to go into a new business venture? The simple answer was I didn’t mean to! I wasn’t looking for anything else to add to my plate.

However after getting introduced to this new world of dōTERRA (meaning Gifts of the Earth), I couldn’t help but share. I am also finding some unexpected life changing benefits along the way.

the oils & products

I am not new to essential oils. I have always had them blended into massage wax or oils. I used to burn them on my oil burner back in the day (FYI we don’t burn oils anymore as it destroys their therapeutic benefits).

I realised these oils had the ability to make you feel relaxed or energised but I did not know about all the other therapeutic benefits these powerful plant extracts held.

I must admit I was quietly sceptical in the beginning. But through personal experimentation my view started changing. When my tummy was hurting the DigestZen I tried actually worked. The supplements and face products I started using transformed my skin. Now I use oils to motivate, to calm me and reassure me, to help me sleep and boost my immunity.  I have replaced my cleaning products, that were full of chemicals, to those with essential oils and my room sprays with easy to make spritzers.

 It wasn’t just me either who had fallen in love with these products. The oils I have introduced to others have made such an impact on them and their families. My massage clients also have had success with blends for muscular aches and pains, swelling in feet and reducing stress.

 My youngest daughter has autism and epilepsy. I am slowly educating myself how these oils can help our special needs community. Not only with those children with autism and special needs but also for the caregivers of these children. These parents often have additional stressors in their lives and these oils can be empowering to help with this. I know this first hand.

the community

I love helping others. I really enjoy helping friends meet their fitness goals with exercise and nutrition.

I also find it rewarding to share my experiences of what I have learnt in the disability sector over the past 8 years.

This is what fills my cup! I didn’t quite realise to what extent before.

This year I have made the most amazing new connections with old acquaintances and new. I have met new inspiring, positive people who are mentoring me. They are helping me change my self-belief and boost my self-development.

Getting oils in your life is more than just sprinkling a bit of Lavender on your pillow. It makes us reflect on what toxin loaded products we are putting in our homes, our skin and in our bodies.  It also puts us in touch with our community and wider community and gives us opportunity.

the future

I am fully committed to sharing this new love I have found. I am dreaming of big things. I would love to give this opportunity to those who cannot return to a structured workday and who are looking for a purpose or help those looking for a supplementary income to their existing businesses.

I dream of building a team of woman who empower and support each other to live our best lives and to give some empowerment back to those who are struggling to come up for air in this fast paced life we now live in.

website & closed facebook group

You can visit my website where I share my experiences with essential oils at www.sarastythe.com.

I have also created a closed group under “Simply Isla” on Facebook. This is where I share what oils I come across to help with sleep, anxiety, focus and hyperactivity for both neurotypical children and those with additional challenges. You can join this here Simply Isla Essentials


Published by Sara Stythe

Hi my name is Sara Stythe and I am a mum of 3 beautiful girls. This is a place to share knowledge, resources and information I have learnt along the way on this unexpected journey with our unique youngest daughter. Isla is missing a tiny bit of her 2nd chromosome (2q23.1 Microdeletion Syndrome, recently known as MAND) causing autism, epilepsy and development delay. If you would like to receive my new blog posts by email you can subscribe. Thank you

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