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I am very excited to have created my new “Simply Isla” website where I will have more flexibility to expand.  Please click here to be redirected to my new site (  Once there, please enter your email into “subscribe” so you can be informed of any new posts.  If you would like to be a guest writer or have any content ideas please contact me at  So what is my intention by sharing our knowledge and journey?

A place of reassurance
It is a place where people can come when they have been newly diagnosed, looking for advice or reassurance when they have received the life changing news that raising their child won’t be as they expected.  Hopefully reading my posts, resources and links (which will be evolving as time goes on) they will realise they are not alone and my aim is to point people in the right direction of therapy, support groups, resources and funding available (in NZ). The main focus of my posts are based on autism, chromosome disorders, epilepsy and assistance dogs as we have first hand knowledge of those things.

Education/Knowledge = Awareness/Acceptance
My ongoing aim is also to raise awareness for those living with special needs through education and sharing experiences.  For those who are curious to know what it is like to have a child marching to the beat of their own drum, hopefully they can learn a bit more about our amazing little people through Isla and this in turn will promote awareness and acceptance.

To read a little bit more about our journey and how Isla was diagnosed click on the following link which will take you to the post Diagnosis and a little background

Please share this page with others to help it reach as many people as possible.

Thanks, Sara


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