Mission…Ride a Bike!

Our 11 year old daughter Isla doesn’t have much stamina. She has to work much harder than most to coordinate those easy movements we do subconsciously. My husband and I are keen walkers and ideally would love Isla to be able to join us. However we are not able to cover any distance as she tiresContinue reading “Mission…Ride a Bike!”

Scheduling the holidays

Our daughter Isla was born with a rare chromosome disorder causing autism and epilepsy. Unlike most neurotypical children she cannot entertain herself for long. She can watch TV or any other screen all day if you’d let her but cannot self direct very well and often needs someone alongside. Left to her own devices thisContinue reading “Scheduling the holidays”

The Christmas Minefield

Christmas is such an exciting time for all children including those with special needs…..or is it? I realised a while ago that all special needs children are not alike. This was while attending a Christmas Party especially for “Special Children”.  The organisers had the best of intentions at heart trying to create a special dayContinue reading “The Christmas Minefield”


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Hi my name is Sara Stythe and I am a mum of 3 beautiful girls.

This is a place to share knowledge, resources and information I have learnt along the way on this unexpected journey with our unique youngest daughter. Isla is missing a tiny bit of her 2nd chromosome (2q23.1 Microdeletion Syndrome, recently known as MAND) causing autism, epilepsy and intellectual disability.

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